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Clinical Evaluation

Please send requests for clinical psychological or neuropsychological evaluation by fax to 318-553-5338 or by email to [email protected]  

Typical referral questions include presurgical evaluation before brain surgery and back surgery, as well as evaluation for dementia, cogntive ability to drive, and capacity to manage funds, live independently, or sustain and engage in competitive employment.  

Please indicate anticipated surgery date (if applicable) to facilitate prioritization and timely scheduling.  

Pinkston Psychology does not accept insurance.  All fees are due at the time of service.  Charges can be found in our Fee Schedule provided on the "Docs" page.  

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.  Charges over $300 paid by credit card will incur an additional 3% fee.

            (318) 553-5099

            (318) 553-5338


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